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We offer a full range of marketing research services. To maintain control and assure quality and the security of confidential information, every step of the research process from design to the presentation of results is conducted in-house.

We understand that each client and each project is different, so we do not have a single patented approach. Instead, icare villeneuve d'ascq starts by fully understanding a client’s objectives for the research and its intended use before recommending a plan of action. While most projects include turn-key or ‘full service’ solutions, icare villeneuve d'ascq often performs selected project responsibilities for clients who have their own in-house research capabilities.

The major services we provide are as follows:

Study design and determining the most appropriate methodology
Study document design
Coordination of international studies
Recommendations for each local market that are based on our own expertise and experience and on permanent contact with our local              partners.
Our knowledge and experience of each individual market enables us to provide you with the best advice and recommendations to conduct        research in each local market
Pilot interviews and checking of study documents to make sure recruitment criteria and documents are appropriate to each country
Study document translation in several languages and translation checking
Multi-country fieldwork
Data collection (recruitment updates, research outcomes)
Coding and data entry
Data processing, computer tables and full statistical analysis
Analysis / Reporting and presenting findings in English and local languages