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Our IT capabilities

is continuously in search of novelties in order to provide the highest reactivity so as to respond adequately to our clients’ needs while remaining competitive.
For this purpose, the   IT team steadily works on the development of Internet studies to improve their clarity, the fieldwork follow-up and the availability of raw data.

   may program, host and analyze any web survey. Our services are never outsourced as our IT team is fully trained and experienced with advanced programming techniques.


For a regular web project, respondents connect on our  website and complete the survey online.  Respondents can also have access to product profiles, pictures, diagrams or other secured study material.
You only need to show documents, images, pictures for a telephone qualitative or a quantitative project?   
We can host the web pages and respondents view the material on our website during the phone interview.

icare villeneuve d'ascq has also developed a CAWI methodology to conduct worldwide quantitative interviews. Regular web surveys work perfectly in some countries but can be long and expensive in others. In those countries, we would recommend to conduct CAWI interviews instead (an interviewer is connected to the online survey and enters the respondent’s answers which are automatically saved on our server).


Before any project launch, our surveys are systematically tested internally by the project team and also pretested with respondents.

 Pretests can be held:

 In all countries
 In USA only
 In one country per continent / region

Several pretest types:
•    Regular web
•    Paper and pencil (prior to the programming process)
•    Web-assisted

Pretests can take place:
•    In central location (with FocusVision® or webcasting if required)
•    In-office, at home
 provides debriefing notes for each pretest.


responsiveness is the key to meeting our clients’ expectations. To this aim, we try to make as much information and as many results as possible available in real time.


     Updated in real time, right after each interview completion
     Number of still-to-recruit displayed

Also, terminates are available…
       per country
            per target and
                per question


Through a new acquired web portal, icare villeneuve d'ascq is now offering edition of cross tabs and stats during the study life.
These results are automatically updated every 24 hours.
Thus, if you are interested in answers to some specific questions, you can check them on an on-going basis during the project..

You no longer need to wait for the final data delivery!


To avoid any delay in delivering raw data, online tables are available when the study is in field
with answers to all questions for each respondent.

This improvement has two advantages:

1 - Downloading all raw data whenever you want / copying and pasting them into an Excel file.

2 - Locating any question misunderstanding and hence enable a fast reaction for the remaining interviews in all countries.

This process is very simple and user-friendly.

programming displays terminates per screening question, highlighting whether modifying any recruitment criteria should be relevant.


Western European languages, Eastern European languages, Japanese, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Indian, Arabic.


Key-points» Any methodology: CATI / CAPI / WEB / CAWI
» Any level of programming complexity
» Software allowing the programming in several languages (as complex as Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish, etc.)
»  Flexibility in questionnaire layout
»  Links with external databases => Immediate online reports
» Secured display (product concepts, pictures, etc.)



Capabilities» Rapidity
» Safety
» Online report editing

Capabilities» Recognized worldwide
» Powerful
» Allows to export data in SPSS®, ASCII® ou EXCEL® files


Several IBM servers 226 - Xeon 3Ghz - 2Go Ram - 3*73Go SCSI U320 - 6i ServeRaid controller.
Several SDSL lines guaranteeing 2Mbits

SECURED WEBSITE! No printing / no saving / no downloading of materials

guarantees full confidentiality of all displayed information.
Only authorized staff members from your company and icare villeneuve d'ascq have access to the data.