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 has years of experience of supplying clients with actionable information about international markets. We have helped them to formulate strategies to achieve a competitive advantage based upon innovative research techniques, expertise and insight.

Our international department consists of specialised teams with extensive professional and international research skills. To ensure that we capture all the cultural nuances and idiosyncrasies, we only use native speakers to conduct interviews in foreign languages. All the European languages are represented, plus some Asian and African. Even the supervisory staff for international studies are true linguists, speaking up to four languages.

Although part  of our international assignments are conducted using our own staff, we have created a network
of associates to field studies where a large number of ‘in-person’ interviews need to be carried out. This network
covers almost every region in the world, including the newly industrialised countries where published information
is scarce.

All the partners in our network are leaders in their respective markets and have an intimate knowledge of local conditions, customs and cultures, crucial to understanding and predicting behaviour.
They have proved their commitment to our standards and are chosen according to their areas of expertise and their ability to offer us and our clients value for money.

Unlike many international research networks, we are not bound to one fieldwork supplier in any particular
country. For each project we have the opportunity to choose between several
research agencies in the network, to achieve the best fit between the company’s capabilities and the project  specification.

Selection process:
We visite local teams all around the world to carefully select our international partners and make sure they are willing to commit to our standards of work.
Before working with a new partner, we make sure we first meet them personally and test their areas of expertise, English level and market experience. We would NOT use a new partner on a project without first meeting him and making sure no issue would arise during a project