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Each year, we conduct studies for other medical marketing research agencies. Some of the pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies that we regularly do studies for, in collaboration with other international market research agencies include the following:


 Amersham International
 Astra Zeneca
 Bausch & Lomb
 Boots Pharma
 Bristol Myers Squibb
 C R Bard
 Dupont Pharma
 Eli Lilly

 Evans Medical
G&S Research. Inc
 Glaxo SmithKline
HawPartners LLC
Insight Research Group
 Johnson & Johnson
 Novo Nordisk
Observant LLC
 Pharmacia Corp.

Praxis Research&Consulting Ltd
 Procter and Gamble
 Schering AG
 Schering Plough
Sommer Consulting
 St Jude Medical